The Crow (1994)

Anonymous asked: man I love you

I love you 3X

Anonymous asked: Hey gorgeous, just stopping by to remind you once again that you are absolutely, positively, out of this world beautiful (you know already doe lol) and that I hope you had a really good day today and that I hope you have a even better one tomorrow and I hope you sleep great tonight and you have alotta good dreams and stuff 😁 *kisses you on ya forehead and scurries away*

Lol! Thank you so muchhhh! You’re the sweetest little thing. I hope all your days are stupendous.


Anonymous asked: bet no one will love you, like i can.

Bet no one can love you, like I can.


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where do grandmas and aunties even buy this shit? It’s not in stores???do they have a dealer who sells to them???? 

Lololol seriously though^^^ I try and find these little bitches, but they’re so hard to come by :(

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