Solange’s Fader Cover Shoot (BTS)

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Anonymous asked: but about this foot massage with edible lotion....

😩😩😩 foot freak πŸ˜‚

Anonymous asked: What keeps you going

The visions.

Anonymous asked: when the last time you rejected a guy.?

Lol i don’t recall, sorry.

Anonymous asked: When the last time you talked to a guy?

Ummmmmmm, talk as in “dating” ways? Cause if you mean that it’s been a min.

Anonymous asked: Like are you into dark , Carmel or light skin boys?

It doesn’t matter to me. All are just fine, I’m more into traits more than looks.

Anonymous asked: I love you

I love you too.

maceocassell asked: Just watched you're video and was motivated to attempt that routine. Now I think I my hip slipped out of place smh THANKS GI DADDY #SHADE -___-

LOLOL! Now you gotta soak in epsom salt! I’m sorrrryyyy :( πŸ˜‚

Anonymous asked: tryna get to know u wat u like?

I like a lot of things, what exactly would you like to know❔

a little Ro. πŸ’ƒ